Thank you Rose – Anchor Hobbit has come back to the herd due to ill health of his owner – as all Anchor ponies can do in times of struggle .

BUT what an AMAZING job Rose has done with Hobbit – Sophie and Andrew have worked with him this week and David and i decided that he and a baby two year old were ready to ‘strut their stuff ‘at the show today.

A little awe struck for the first 10 minutes and then settled to his job and showed amazingly well with a helpful steward he grew in confidence and nailed a win in the mixed breeds then the M&M championship followed by a senior in hand exmoor win and the overall M&M exmoor championship with a haul of 4 trophies for a previously unshown pony – big future ahead i think for this boy who has been so sympathetically brought on and is now ready to go on under saddle .