Anchor Herd 2019 news review

Spring this year was kind and the foals thrived with an unusual number of filly foals ,(which is why we breed) ,having lacked females for a few years ,so this year made up for it –
one from all our founder lines which is so helpful .

Sadly we lost Novelletta ,Anchor fairytales yearling due to a traffic accident which was such a shame but they do live free on the hill and while accidents happen we wish that drivers would take more care .It always happens to the very best!

We showed at Devon ,Bath and West ,Dunster fayre ,Dunster show,Somerset area show and North Devon with Hawkridge and the Breed show .

Claiming youngstock champion with A.Moet -(a very special filly in my eyes)on 4 occasions with a mare championship ,breed championship and a reserve supreme along with a Supreme Championship -not bad going from a team of 5 ponies.

Sadly the foal show has been cancelled due to so few moor bred foals being vaccinated and every equestrian show centre requiring them to be up to date ,which is a huge shame.

We ran four stallions this year three home bred and an outside line .We have two colts to inspect in the spring, both have passed vet inspection already and both are show winners,so their temperaments which is all important are proven.

Anchor Ginger Ale has been castrated and will be off to start a ridden career ready for novice classes early in the new year, all being well.

Annual inspection was blessed with kinder weather than sometimes and all the foals came in looking well with a small one who had been orphaned .All found homes that needed to and we have retained the little colt and a big strapping colt ,the later as a future stallion we hope-he has bone, substance and size whilst not loosing any type.

Watch out for Anchor Odyssey and our show filly yearling for next season Anchor Osprey both are handled and trotting out well so will be turned away for the rest of the winter now.

As soon as the herd went back to the moors a gate was left open and two groups got mixed up, so we had to start over-Please close gates when on Exmoor !

We await Anchor Icicles first foal in the spring with anticipation along with A.Lapiz lazuli a rare line mare who has not bred before- both mares look in foal and are blooming .

Our oldest mare is now 31 and looks amazing ,sadly two mares were not carrying enough condition to over winter again and were PTS.

Other Anchor ponies of special note this year are -A.Gooseberry who stood supreme with her little jockey in Scotland ,A.Noble a yearling gelding who we sold early in the spring was out winning,as well as A.Knight Thyme so beautifully produced up north in Cumbria.Rachel davies has A.Gumdrop who competes at top showing level and dressage -what a star she is

We welcome back any Anchor pony in need and have had three returned this year and A.Hobbit went straight out and cleaned up inhand on his debut in the show ring.

The herd has had visits from two wonderful artists this year , Cassie James has drawn Anchor Hollyhock see above and Jo Taylor’Running Wild’ exhibition opens in London later in November.

We would like to wish all our helpers and supporters and all Exmoor pony enthusiasts a Merry Christmas and happy and successful 2020.

Photos – Pony shouting Merry Christmas,Cassie James Drawing Of Anchor Hollyhock,Archie Nicol on A.Goosberry going supreme in Scotland,Anchor Moet inhand,Anchor Knight Thyme by trailer ramp,Anchor Hobbit making a winning debut to the show ring,and yearling Anchor Noble winning with new owners .

Date for diary -Anchor gathering Monday 19th October 2020 see you then-Visitors welcome just call 01398 323459