Anchor Herd 2017 Review of the year

With a reasonably easy spring for the ponies on the hill,foaling went well and the mares thrived BUT we had alot of colt foals nearly 70% of the total!

All were of great standard by 4 stallions – Apples Original (imported), A.GingerAle, Kebroyd Ocades, A.Jaffa Cake.

Jaffa cakes first crop were outstanding really stamping the foals with great breed type especially heads and bone, with Apples foals having amazing temperaments.
The young stallions and colts had an outing at the stallion parade but looked rough in their coats and have matured significantly since i am pleased to report.

Anchor Labyrinths Lord our special yearling sustained an injury shortly afterwards which kept him out of the show ring for the season. I was lucky enough to judge at Devon County show in 2017 and had some beautiful correct ponies forward of all ages.

Our move from Yorkshire to Exmoor to be ‘on hand’ curtailed our northern country show showing ,but a trip to the Northern Exmoor show proved fruitful with plenty to celebrate with A.Hollyhock and her filly Mimosa winning and taking a championship with A.Jam puff adding to the haul before the move.

We were gifted three special ponies to broaden our genetics, and much look forward to seeing what these mares produce in the sprin. Thank you for trusting us with your beautiful ponies.
The herd sadly said goodbye to two old hill mares who at 33 years old had lived a fantastic life and two younger mares sadly are no longer with us either.

A.Honeymead our super stallion went out on loan to pursue a ridden career and took the championship in hand at Royal Windsor horse show.

A.Gooseberry had an amazing season with several supreme titles on the lead rein in Scotland ably shown by Zoe Nicol and ridden by her nephew Archie.

A.Elder continues to be an AMAZING family pony winning trophies in working hunter and flat classes ,pony racing, competing in NSEA show jumping, hunting, dressage etc as well as dressing up for Halloween!

A. Iron brew moved to join A.Knight Thyme and has not looked back -what a fabulous pony he is with a huge career ahead just like A.Illusion who won and won when beautifully ridden by Cameron.

Plenty of other Anchor ponies such as Fox, Hocus Pocus, Bustard, Godiva and Vanilla are out competing across the disciplines and representing the herd and the breed.

A little girl in Sweden did a project on the breed and featured the Anchor ponies resulting in her gaining top marks for her project and our Danish friends joined us again at gathering again keeping the profile of the herd high.

The Breed show at Exford saw plenty of ribbons for the Anchor herd but the best results came with the youngsters at the Foal show with Best moor bred colt A.Moonstone, winning two year old A.Kindness and winning three year old A.Jampuff. Kindness went on to take female champion and SUPREME.

Gathering was a success and all came in easily from the various moors. Suitable homes were found for ALL the colts bar those we are running on to breed from or show and the fillies are being handled for showing next season and will return to the hill.

Thank you to all our supporters for help, advise and to all those amazing owners who have our ponies; be it as grazers or competition ponies -with out you providing homes we could not breed to keep the genetics and our founder lines well represented and healthy.

If I may just give an example -since we took on the management of the herd over 12 years ago we have secured the continuity of the Murcury female line from just one pony to three breeding mares -AND a suitable colt was born this year and will remain entire – RESULT – but it takes time and the colt foals need to find homes annually to enable us to continue – so we are seriously grateful to all those who take on our males and we love to follow their progress.

Wishing everyone a Happy Christmas and a healthy and successful 2018.