Stallion Parade

This annual event usually coincides with the AGM of the Exmoor Pony Society. It is not a show but a parade, to show interested people the quality of the stallions available to breed from. There are 2 sections, firstly for young stock- colts under 3 and then a second section for mature registered Stallions -all the ponies that are paraded are awarded an appearance premium. Young colts can be put forward for inspection for ‘grading’ or ‘licensing’ to be registered as a full stallion at the event.

Two assessors – (who have each undertaken a vigorous 2 year long probationary training  and probably over seen many an inspection) check the colt against the breed standard and if the colt passes then he will be  vetted  for defects that may be inherited such as heart, eyes and breeding tackle! and his DNA verified. If it had not already been checked.(Moor bred colts have their DNA tested at weaning) but upcountry bred foals do not get verification except via a covering certificate till they are presented for a stallion licence. Once the above have been fulfilled the young colt will be able to sire ponies who can be registered in the Exmoor pony stud book provided their dam is also of known pure bloodlines.